Custom Printed Baseball Hoodies

These Custom Branded Baseball Hoodies are available in a good range of popular colour options, plus camo! 
Here at
Epic Custom we have 18+ years experience in delivering quality apparel to individuals and global businesses alike. You can trust us to provide the items that are best for you, so for quality advice get in touch today!

Custom Printed Baseball Hoodies

  • Regular Fit, 280gsm 80/20 Cotton/Poly blend
  • Contrasting Drawstring cord hood 
  • Contrasting Raglan Sleeves & Hood
  • Full width Kangaroo pocket
  • WARP/SEDEX/Vegan PETA production source
  • 13 contrasting colour options
  • Available Unisex *Adult sizes only
  • Size range: XS-2XL 
  • 5 colours also available in full zip Zoodie version

Here at Epic Custom we have access to a full range of Apparel, literally thousands of garment types & styles.
We utilise everything from screen print and embroidery to the latest DTG printing techniques available.
So if you are looking for a specific garment, and require professional, experienced assistance - just give us a call!

Active Run Hoodies

Custom Branded Running Hoodies

Active Sports Hoodies (Zoodie) are ideal for Run clubs, feature rich storage and safety features.

Contrasting Zoodies

Custom Printed Contrasting Zoodies

Varsity Contrasting Colour 
Custom Branded Z
oodies (Zipped Hoodies). Striking combinations.

Printed Sports Hoodies

Custom Printed Sports Hoodies

Epic Custom Printed Sports Hoodies feature a light brushed fleece inner and quality soft touch.

Baseball Style Hoodies

Custom Branded Baseball Style Hoodies

Custom Branded Baseball Hoodies. Classic style Hoodies offering a mix of bold colours.

Contrasting Hoodies

Custom Printed Contrasting Hoodies

Varsity Contrasting Colour 
Custom Branded 
Hoodies. Wide range of striking combinations.

Baseball Style Zoodies

Custom Branded Baseball Style Zoodies

Custom Branded Baseball Zoodies. Baseball Hoodies with full zip (Zoodie) wide range of colours.

Custom Cycle Kit

Custom Printed Cycle Kit Range

Choose from Premium or Low Cost


Custom Cycle Kit options.

Custom Triathlon Kit

Custom Printed Triathlon Kit Range

Premium Quality Custom Tri Kit.
NO min run. 5 week delivery.

Custom Running Kit

Custom Printed Running Kit Range

Choose from Premium or Low Cost

Custom Running Kit options. 

Custom Sports Kit Bags

Custom Sports Kit Bags 40 Litre Duffel

Custom Printed Sports Kit Bags from 10 units. 40 Litre Duffel bags are ideal for clubs/teams.

Custom Polo Shirts

Custom Printed Polo Shirts

Custom Printed Polo Shirts from only quality manufacturers. Custom printed Polo shirts 5 day express.

Custom Tee Shirts

Custom Printed T-Shirts

Quality Custom Printed Tee Shirts from only quality brands.  Custom printed T-shirts 5 day express.

Custom Beanie Hats

Custom Beanie Hats

Custom Embroidered Beanie Hats. Wide range available for all brands.

Custom Printed Snoods

Custom Printed Headwear Snoods

Custom Printed Snoods are low cost, available from 25 units!

Printed Padded Jackets

Custom Printed Padded Jackets

Custom Printed Padded Jackets from just 10 units, wide range.

Padded Soft Shell Jackets

Padded Soft Shell Jackets

Printed Soft Shell Jackets with padded body, premium look.

Advanced Soft Shell Jackets

Advanced Soft Shell Jackets

Our Advanced Soft Shell Jackets are superior Waterproof Jackets.

BPMA Clothing Facts Video

Our Video details research from the BPMA, well worth a watch!

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