Epic Premium & Elastic Interface®

EpicPremium is a UK brand, our primary goal is quality, which is why we partner with Elastic Interface®, Italy.

There is no better partner than Cytech (Elastic Interface®) who are the industry leader.

Elastic Interface® Technology (EIT) branded pads have revolutionised the history and industry of cycling pads by breaking with the tradition of ineffective padding that failed to address the well being of cyclists.

All our Pro / Euro Pro Bib & World Tour Shorts, plus our Cycle Speedsuits and Supersuits come with the Comp HP 7-8 hour pad as standard, in both Men's and Women's specific. We don't charge extra - unlike our competitors, who typically charge up to £15+VAT to upgrade from a more standard specification 2-4 hour 'Pro pad' offering.

COMP HP MEN has a 4-density construction, so that specifically-located foams provide best comfort on all main points subjected to pressure. Its ultra-high density foam inserts support cyclists during longer rides, while a reduced usage of the back liner makes the pad even more lightweight and breathable, allowing greater freedom of movement. The shaping of the central channel is engineered according to specific anthropometrical measurements, guaranteeing adequate protection and supporting male anatomy while in saddle, providing perfect fit, saddle stability and most importantly reliving pressure from the urethra, favoring blood flow. The ECO Carbonium Flash top fabric combines a special channel structure with the natural antistatic and bacteriostatic properties of the Carbonium thread. With the channel structure, the extremely soft and recycled polyamide helps collect, canalize and expel moisture. Rapid-drying and eco-friendly.

Custom Cycling Kit Range

Two options of custom cycle kit.
Epic Premium Custom Cycle Kit 
for a full range including Aero kit & Elastic Interface® Pads. Plus our
Epic-GO Low Cost Custom Cycle Kit

Custom Triathlon Kit Range

Epic Premium Custom Triathlon Kit Range covers Sprint & Endurance disciplines plus the very latest Tri Speedsuits & Short sleeved Tri Tops.

Custom Running Kit Range

Two options of custom running kit.
Epic Premium Custom Run Kit for our revolutionary Super Drylite 
material.  Plus our latest  
Epic-GO Low Cost Custom Run Kit