Custom Run Kit with Free design

EpicPremium - Free Design service
Epic Premium is a UK brand, we don't produce 'artistic visuals' - but actual artwork.
We do this, specifically because whilst visuals may look pretty - they don't always work in production!
Our custom kit designer takes your concept/requirements and translates them into 'Epic' looking kit designs, we also provide one set of amendments to the initial proofs without charge!
Most importantly being 'artwork' rather than 'visuals' this ensures the designs will seamlessly integrate across all the available range, making your design future proof.  This may appear long winded, but we use experience to ensure there are no nasty surprises, post delivery. We are aware of several customers who received unmatched kit designs on large orders, simply because of 'visuals' that don't work in reality, others that have signed off on a design on one garment, only to find the design does not transfer over to other garments required for future orders.
For these very reasons we produce 'artwork' to ensure this can never happen to you!
Take a look at our designs below, you might even find some inspiration;

Custom Cycling Kit Range

Two options of custom running kit.
Epic Premium Custom Run Kit for our revolutionary Super Drylite 
material.  Plus our latest  
Epic-GO Low Cost Custom Run Kit

Custom Triathlon Kit Range

Epic Premium Custom Triathlon Kit Range covers Sprint & Endurance disciplines plus the very latest Tri Speedsuits & Short sleeved Tri Tops.

Custom Running Kit Range

Two options of custom cycle kit.
Epic Premium Custom Cycle Kit 
for a full range including Aero kit & Elastic Interface® Pads. Plus the
Epic-GO Low Cost Custom Cycle Kit