Custom Printed Run Kit options

Here at Epic Custom we are pleased to offer you an extensive range of Custom Kit options, covering everything from your typical charity sponsored run kits, to your professional quality garments which feature the most advanced materials and construction for ultimate comfort and durability.

Please choose below and review options for either;

Epic-GO Run Kit

Epic-GO-Run Low Cost Custom Printed Run Kit

This is our Low Cost Custom Printed Run Kit range.

The Epic-GO-Run range focuses on the core custom Running kit garments, and is extremely competitive. Minimum order is 20 garments (total), which can be made of any garments in the range, Men's & Women's specific available. Free Design.

Epic-Premium Run Kit

 Premium Custom Printed Running Kit

A full range of Premium Custom Printed Running Kit. A true Premium Quality Custom Printed Run Kit, for those who deserve that little bit extra. Includes cutting edge Super DryLite made from extremely fine polyester fibres, uniquely weaved into a super-light material which provides high wicking properties.


Premium Quality Custom Printed Running Kit & Epic-GO Low Cost custom Printed Runnning Kit

Two options of custom running kit.
Epic Premium Custom Run Kit for our revolutionary Super Drylite 
material.  Plus our latest  
Epic-GO Low Cost Custom Run Kit

Premium Quality Custom Printed Triathlon Kit Range

Epic Premium Custom Tri Kit Range covers Sprint & Endurance and offers the very latest garments includes Tri-Speedsuits 
and latest Short sleeved Tri Tops.

Epic-Premium Quality Custom Printed Cycling Kit & Epic-GO Low Cost Custom Cycle Kit options

Two options of custom cycle kit.
Epic Premium Custom Cycle Kit 
for a full range including Aero kit & Elastic Interface® Pads. Plus the
Epic-GO Low Cost Custom Cycle Kit