Custom Printed 90% Filtration Face Masks

Our Custom Printed Face Masks are a great alternative to FPP2 and FPP3 face masks, offering over 90% filtration (FPP2 92% / FPPS 94%) yet being fully customisable and reusable!

Our Custom Printed Face Masks are exceptionally stable around the nose area, meaning if you / your staff talk to customers for a living then these are the branded masks for you!

Face Masks printed with your logo

  • In-built nanofibre filter
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of over 90%.
  • Simply wash it in the machine at up to 60°C and reuse
  • Two adjustable ear loops
  • Two different sizes
  • Perfect fitting to nose and chin
  • Supplied individually bagged.
  • Minimum run just 50 units!
  • FREE Design & FREE Delivery

Custom Face Mask with Perfect fit & great comfort

The inner layer, certified for prolonged contact with the skin, is extremely lightweight and breathable. Wear it in comfort for your daily trips to the supermarket, when out and about, in crowded places or in any type of public or private office.

Printed Face Masks for all face types

Available in two different sizes, the EpicMask also features accessories to adapt it to any type of face: two adjustable ear loops, a black cotton edge that keeps the mask taut and a flexible bridge to ensure a perfect fit around the nose. What's more, a seam towards the bottom guarantees a perfect fit around the chin.

Washable and eco-friendly Printed Face Masks

The EpicMask is designed to last a long time, thanks to its three layers of ultra-high-quality fabric and its premium finishes, like the reinforced stitching around the entire perimeter, which make it resistant to wear and tear. It's also good for the environment: you can wash it up to 25 times without affecting its filtration capacity, so you don't have to throw it away after a single use.

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